Saturday, August 20, 2016

Music On / World Off

Music is the last true voice of the human spirit, 
it can go beyond language, beyond age
 and beyond colour straight to the mind and heART of all people.
Ben Harper

Sharing a quick music inspired layout completed last month 
at the rad Flutterby Designs Retreat out Tamworth way on the grounds of Lake Keepin-it Real.
(very little country music to be heard-yippee) but lots of cool tracks on Anitas i-pod
Using a combination of Stencils from Flutterby Design and CWS this piece celebrating this
 rockin Music man fell together in a flash. HB to him.
House paint, Thickers,Stamping ,Me & my Big Idea music notes,a little more rad Flutterby Design Flair love and this piece was complete. 
Music gives a soul to the universe,
 wings to the mind,
flight to the imagination,
and life to everything else.

 Music is the strongest form of Magic.
Marilyn Manson.

Peace , Love and Music x

Friday, August 5, 2016

Quiet Riot.

A few months ago I was blessed to be asked by my gorgeous arty friend Ange,
 to throw together some pieces for my 1st solo Exhibition.
 Thanks to My Happy Place HQ for hosting me. 
Big Thanks and Love to all those people who purchased my pieces.
I'm feeling very blessed to have had this experience, 
and to have been able to find homes for all these colourful pieces .

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Thats Where the Magic Starts

 Howdy Folks , Quick Blog update , because its been Oh so long .
Away last weekend Retreating and scrapping Old School Style for me ,with a modern spin .
This one isn't DT related so I can share.
Started with some quality Marshmellow cardstock ,Dylusions and a water spritzer.
That's where the magic starts. 
Still needs some finer details , but i thought I'd share the process so far .
Have a creative day .

Friday, March 25, 2016

Dreaming of New Adventures

Every week on Friday I share a blog post over at the Fabulous Scrapping Clearly Blog.
This week I had a Challenge with my Arty friend Cindy,
 to create and Upcycle a $6 canvas we stumbled upon in Kmart. 
Want to know how I put this baby together?

Thanks For Dropping By .
Have a Relaxed Creative Easter Weekend

Monday, March 14, 2016

Be Brave with Art Dolls

Howdy Folks , long time no Blog, well it seems that way.
 Lots of Arty stuff happening ,for other rad sites but I seem to neglect my home here.
So anyway,I've been playing with Art Dolls from Mischief Circus
They are fabulous to add instant impact to your art journal.
I've created a fab background in my journal 
Next I fussy cut the Art Doll and then Matt Medium'd it into my journal
After appropriate drying time I attacked the page with my Posca Paint Pen to add a little fun details 
Be Brave and scribble or doodle over your page.
i finished with the Stabilo Magic pencil around the Art Doll to add depth tho the overall look.
Here's the result ... I love it !
Big thanks to Heather for always taking time to comment .
You are awesome xx

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

He's My Bestie

Sharing a piece recently from the Colour Blast Blog.
If you would like to know how i did this , check out the website HERE 

Art Angel

Howdy Bloggers. Here today to share a mistake made right.
You know those times when you make a background and its not at all what you wanted.
Yeah this is one of those pages .
I vomited colour onto a page and it was blerrrrr. 
wtf do I do with this mistake??
Well, firstly hit it with a little Colour Blast coloured texture and look at it as an Art Journal piece. 
I drew in a face ,body then added a wing to make the most of the  colour and texture on the page,added some house paint drips, waited till it was dry and painted out the background.
Because it was a 12"x 12" page and NOT in my art journal ,
 turning it into a Layout was an after thought .
Here's the piece before scrapping it .
A little stamping, some Stabio pencil magik, a few butteflies ,muslin,tissue paper 
plus a few embellies highlight this Art Journal Scrap Page about Camp Mojos dressup night 2015 and sharing it with my Charlies Angels roomies, Jo and Peg.

         Have you every created a mistake that you made good? 
Share a link with me, Id love to see it !

Friday, January 29, 2016

getting my artJOURNAL on

 "Keep busy doing the things you love and destiny will find you"
 Howdy Bloggers , another art journal update.
Do you struggle finding appropriate words to incorporate on to your art journal pieces?
I'm not a big lover of cliches,or single word titles(not that i haven't used them before) but finding something that is interesting and works with my pieces is sometimes difficult.
For these two pieces I've grabbed my phone and googled 'life & love' quotes for the above piece and 'heart' for this piece below.Up pops a a plethora of known and obscure quotes and one finds the best quote that work for ones piece.
" Let my soul smile through my heart ,
 and my heart smile through my eyes,
that I may scatter rich smiles to sad hearts "
For this piece I tried to make it a little random.
So I love listening to music when i get arty,it helps my work flow
 and I find it inspiring to the whole creative process.
This week here in Oz ,it was Australia Day and 
the annual Triple J Hottest 100 is always a part of our celebration.
As I'm listening to the radio,I wanted to create a piece that incorporated words into my background. so I shazzam'd the Courtney Barnett song on the radio, Pedestrian At Best and used the words within the song to facilitate the background and the direction of the piece.
From that ,this Silhouette piece was born.
I would love to know how you add journaling to your art?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

21 faces

I just want to put a big shout out to to Lifebook 2015 and to Kim Price for gifting it to me last year.
I feel like I personally grew so much artistically (and i haven't even finished the years lessons),and today I a snapped a few photos of the faces that I have created in my art journal over that last 6 months

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Postcards from an Artist.

Howdy Bloggers.I want to share with you this piece I created recently.
While scrolling thru my Instagram I was sussing out one of the artists on my feed,
and found that he was giving away postcards with this beautiful piece he had created.
---he has this cool street art stencil-like thing going on-- 
The artist, Adam Craemer , sent me a few in the mail ,
and inspired by the image I just had to get arty with it .
Of course, I did ask Adam permission to use his piece in my work 
and he was very gracious to allow me to do so .
Big shout out to Adam Craemer for being one uber cool sharer .
And to Austin Kleon for allowing me to see that muses are everywhere and
 respect and credit are essential for every artist who is inspired by others .
Big Love to Anita and her Rad stencils from Flutterbys designs
I've used the Random Botherings Stencil on this piece ,
as well as some super cool Colourblast "bling" coloured textured paste .

want a postcard...??
heres the post on Instagram.
go pm him, he's a great sharer .:) x


 A little colourful texture is a wonderful extra to accompany this Beautiful photo of my eldest girl.
Texture added with colourbast "apple of my eye " & "deep blue looks lush and glorious ,
I've highlighted the leaves with a stabilo black "magic" pencil, to add a little depth to the page.
Just loving the effect to gives .
a few of my essential extras Tissue , music sheet papers and a little muslin..finish the piece of with some gorgeous Hambly overlays, STILL available here at scrapping clearly 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

New year , New layout

 Incorporating some rad WOW stencils and chipboard and 
some super fabulous Colour Blast Coloured Textured Paste and embossing powder 
 If you want to know how i created this piece , head over here to the WOW blog,
 Its such a lush piece, I needed to put it here too ;)
sending out some INSTALOVE your way